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A jabnon. An adjective used in a position where a various range of other words can quite easily be used, but "jabnon" will perfectly fit where any other normal adjective would.
1. Boy1: "Did you hear what Jane did last night to her ex?"
Boy2: "Yeah I did, shes such a jabnon..."

2. Boy1: "Man, I got the sickest headshot on COD last night!"
Boy2: "Oh really? What was it like?"
Boy1: "It was so so jabnon"

3. Girl1: "I caught Mike cheating on me the other day..."
Girl2: "Oh my god, what did you do?"
Girl1: "I kicked him right in the jabnons."

4. Boy1: "I fell down the stairs with an erection yesterday"
Boy2: "Why did you have an erection?"
Boy1: "I was having sex with your mum. Jabnon."
by moreetz April 11, 2010
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