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n. faux-jewish boyfriend
Everyone thinks my boyfriend is a jew because he has curly hair, but he's just my j'boo.
by Abel Morfin March 27, 2007
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One who invests all his/her time and energy hustling at state auctions buying rejected, outdated, dingy, inferior equipment that is no longer needed by the state. This buyer will then list crappy equipment on Ebay to try and make a 2% profit; at most. This Ebay seller will typically have an extremely low user rating due to customers that will generally be unsatisfied with their purchase of goods that will not operate properly, or at all. This type of selling is legal defined by the small print stating, "used goods are sold as is; they may work, they may not work; all sales are final whether you like it or not."
Stop being a Jboo for the weekend and come out with your boys, you are just wasting your time and money at those project housing, garage sale style auctions.
by Eleanor Rigby123 December 28, 2009
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