In the War Thunder slang, when your situation is so hopless that you'd rather keep pressing j (default key to adbandon veichle) and get back to hangar.
I was on fire and there was a Panther in front of me so i did just j out.
by Electrosphere June 10, 2021
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When April showers have finally subsided and the sun's rays dry the sidewalks, therefore allowing you to wear your favorite pair of fresh Air Jordans. Commonly acronized as ROJO.
"-Yo homie those are some sweet Space Jam XI's. Aren't you worried about gettin' them messed up?"
"-Nah man, rays out j's out. Recognize."

"-I went outside to go to class and realized it was actually nice out for once. Definitely a ROJO type day."
by GingerCannon02 April 13, 2011
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