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An Izlin is the girl next-door-kind of gal. Knows how to charm people and let people gravitate towards her. Beneath that sweet smile and soft outlook is a strong independent girl with a i-don't-give-a-damn attitude. Highly attractive and good looking. Often being in the extremes, can be calm and collected but also a psycho. Usually found broke for wasting money on food. Loves art, music and a smartass. Loves being surrounded by people and makes jokes a lot but also takes a lot of alone time to be in peace with her self. Knows how to style for every occassion. Turn heads when she enters the room. Boys fall for her and girls hate her because she is that perfect.
Boy 1: Ouh damn who's that over there?

Girl: Ouh her...I've heard she won that debate competition in Cambridge last month. She also post videos of her cooking and drawing in her social media.Omg i hate her so much.

Boy 2: That's Izlin dude. Don't even think about dating her. She is worth more than any of us combine. *sigh*
by theroyale December 27, 2017
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