A strong beautiful woman who is so amazing in everyway possible. She is independent and does what she wants. She is a true blessing.
by McLovin0055 August 24, 2016
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The most annoyingest girl you'll ever meet. She's the defenition of a skank whore bitch slut. Don't trust her she'll try and suck yuh man's dick. She'll let anything with legs fuck her.

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"Hey izamar, wanna suck my dick?!"

"Sure thing, after I finish sucking this guys dick (;"
"who was that girl that sucked that fat mexican tie salesman's dick for $300 in the back office ?,

it was Izamar, duh, that bitch will suck anyone's dirty dick for molly or money.

"who was that hairy bitter ass bitch throwing shade? had to be izamar."
"Izamar is the type of girl that wants non stop attention , but you just want her to go home."

"izamar is the type of bitch that will fuck over her friends, and family ,while making them feel they're happy, and talking non stop shit about how abused she is , when she abuses every one around her her .

"izamar the type of bitch to leave a friend od in the woods, and try to call you to hideout when the cops come asking questions, and then doesnt even show up to the funeral . while sleeping with the dead girls boyfriend.

Yeah, you where really close friends. huh? guess she'll do anything for drugs."

"izamar the type of miserable jealous girl that will do anything in her power to try and sleep with your boyfriend because of course the only dick shes ever had was from either the gangbangs or her prostitution days."
"izamar the type of girl who checks herself into the mental ward just to brag about all the prescription drugs she 's now got and all the free adderall she could now dream of to make her 'beautiful'."
by DIRTYDUMBASSDEREK January 21, 2018
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