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"It's all about the moose" basically means that it's all about the logo/ brand and NOTHING else. The moose is the logo for Abercrombie. If it weren't for the moose, no one would give a shit. The moose is all that counts.
Girl #1: Hey did you get anything when you went shopping yesterday?

Girl #2: Yeah man, this shirt..

Girl #1: Oh..

Girl #2: Do you think it's ugly or something?

Girl #1: No offense... I don't like it at all.


WAIT! is that a MOOSE i see?

Girl #2: Yeah dude, it's from Abercrombie.

Girl #1: OMG! I love your shirt! It's SO pretty!

Girl #2: Lol, it's ALL about the moose!
by runchi December 03, 2006
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