"ismatic" (adjective): any behavior of a person that creates a negative outcome or disadvantage for another person due to their difference. Difference could be one or more of the following: Ability, accent, age, clothing/dress/attire, color, education, ethnicity, family, gender, gender identity, handedness, height, language, nationality, profession, physical features, race, religion, sexuality, size, wealth, weight. (Pronunciation: ismatic "is-ma-tic" or "ism-atic" -- "is" as in the word "is', "ma" as in "mat", "tic" as in "tic-tock")
The frequency and range of "ismatic" behavior occurring and generating exclusion and personal discomfort in organizations is significantly underestimated.
by RMS® July 23, 2020
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The most beautiful girl on earth who has a pure heart. Everyone needs a ismat to brighten up their life. They are smart, hardworking and most of all caring. An ismat will brighten up any room they enter. Their smile is so beautiful it’s like a drug. They will go to any extent to help their loved ones. If you ever break an ismats heart you’ve definitely lost a precious part of your life.
M:omg who is that girl she is so pretty and kind

A:oh that’s ismat she’s the most purest and gorgeous person you’ll ever meet
by Mahnonymous June 24, 2021
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The culmination of everything wonderful.
Someone composed entirely of chocolate and sunshine dust. Can be used interchangably with the following terms: fashionable, beautiful, ambitious, witty, selfless, talented, unbelievable(with a positive connotation),elegant and graceful.
I think given the choice between surfing and watching Reading Rainbow with Ismat, I would choose the latter.
by yoohoo February 22, 2005
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