Irony poisoning is when one's worldview/weltshauung/reality tunnel is so dominated by irony and detachment-based-comedy, that the joke becomes real and you start to do things that are immoral or wrong from a place of deep nihilistic cynicism.
"Why would John do this to me?"
"It's irony poisoning, ma'am. Seen it a million times."
by SRSLY WRONG May 25, 2014
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When someone perceives nearly everything through multiple layers of irony, and nothing through sincerity. This could extend to someone not being able to sincerely express their own beliefs without someone else thinking they’re being ironic or Insincere. And it could also extend to the inability of someone to take sincerity coming from others at face value, or being skeptical of it.
Person 1: I really enjoy X
Person 2: I bet you only like it because it’s secretly a coping mechanism for something else.
Person 1: it’s not, you’re brain is just irony poisoned
by L+Ratio? May 26, 2022
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Irony Poisoning - Dying from or being injured, maimed, impaired or otherwise abhorrent to the constant homogeneous barrage of irony this life is.
The Irony Poisoning of the situation was, he would have tried help; but no matter how hard he had in the past , he somehow always became the villain .
by Bad Omen June 17, 2021
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