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An independent and intellegent person. she is kind and smart,she also won't care about what others think (besides her friends and family). She is a lovable human being, but she is still human, sometimes she could get really pissed btu won't show it until you "push her over the edge" metephoricly and phisicly. she is also really werid sometimes.
irianna is a sexy person who thinks it's ok to be werid.
by unicorn asshole March 21, 2017
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irianna has one of the biggest booties in the world. irianna's are sexy smart and has a dirty mind. when ever you meet an irianna never let them go. also be sure to keep them entertained because they get bored fast.
irianna and i have been together for 4 years. she a freak in the sheets!
by shardaee.bae45 May 24, 2018
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