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A shit hole, full of children forced to suffer for a teachers perversions, Where filthy heteros roam the halls.Where we aren't told anything is happening until the literal last minute. Where the school was actually BETTER when everyone was in a parking lot.Where we have two forms of A's, but you can only get B's, which are highly frowned upon. Ipoly, where the competition slowly forces everyone to hate everyone else in their grade by senior year. Where kids throw oranges at teachers and are surprised at being suspended over it.
Person 1: How's your life going?

Person 2: Its a real ipoly right now.

Person 1: Oh shit I'm sorry, let's go pray for the future.

Person 2: I don't have a future, I go to ipoly, remember?
Persons 1 and 2 slip into alcoholism, depression, and morbid obesity.
by vhugo1138 May 21, 2016
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