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INUF, Internet Nerd Unwanted Faggot.
Those stupid "1337" gamers, thiking that they're cool."
They also tend to say retarded stuff such as "H4x0r" and "N00b" and something like "LOLOLOLOLOLOL"
Extremely nerdy, and extremely gay.
Retard 1:lololololol i am t3h pwn!!!1! i are 1337!!! zomg h4x lololol
Retard 2:noes! you are t3h n00b, i are 1337! roflol!
Non-retard: You guys are such fucking inufs.

Person 1:Holy shit. Did you see that inuf the other day? He was such a fucking nerd.
Person 2:Yeah I saw him. He was being such a faggot. He wouldn't stop saying "n00b".
by SonOfGod March 09, 2008
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