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A person who is prejudiced against introverts and introverted activities.

Introphobes usually maintain negative and misunderstood viewpoints towards solitary activities and individuals that lead solitary lifestyles. Thus, they contribute to largely negative stereotypes towards introverts and the negative connotations associated with these stereotypes.

Introphobia should be understood as being akin to racism, sexism or other marginalizing classifications.

see: introvert,extrovert,introphobia,stereotype,prejudice
Rob and Bob are acquaintances. Bob likes to read, play his guitar and play online first person shooters. Rob likes to go to the bar, drink Martinis and cheat on his girlfriend. Rob thinks Bob's life is boring and "stupid". Rob thinks Bob is probably depressed and a wiener. Rob makes fun of Bob.

In reality, Bob loves every day he is alive. Bob takes great pleasure in the small things. Bob doesn't need 100 friends to feel fulfilled or a new girl every night to feel successful. Bob knows that one real friend is better than 100 fake ones. Bob knows that one love is all the love you need.

Rob's assumptions about Bob are not based on facts or evidence, but on ignorance and fear. Rob is an introphobe.

Rob is also a dink.
by mistertropical December 30, 2013
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