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The condition whereby it is difficult for one to refrain from saying something entirely inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant when communicating via the internet

Sufferers do not tend to suffer from regular Tourette's syndrome at all. Intourettes syndrome is NOT an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder; a common misconception. In fact it is developed as a result of over-exposure to intense levels of boredom.

Mild cases can occur, where the user types the inappropriate comment but manages to refrain from actually sending it, recognising the social unacceptability of their comment.

Intourettes tends to be more common than Tourette's syndrome because many people follow the viewpoint that anything is acceptable on the internet.
Uninteresting internet user: ahh my mum is pissing me off !!
Intourettes sufferer: Try bending her over the kitchen table and raping her up the shitter with a baguette until she learns her fucking place.

Uninteresting internet user: argh physics exam tomorrow, can't be arsed!
Intourettes sufferer: Kill it. Kill it with a spade.
by fluorescent! May 28, 2010
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When chatting online, you accidentally blurt out information that is completely irrelevant to the topic, or extremely personal that has nothing to do with the conversation.
Tom: Where are you going tonight?
Jane: To the bars.
Tom: Cool, anyone in particular
Tom: ^^^^ intourettes

Bill: Did you see the logo on the shark?
Erica: Yes, that was amazing.
Mon: OMFG!!!!!pound55home1capslock WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT!!! @enter pagedownampersand
Bill:^^^^ drugs & intourettes
by OneBadMafucka March 05, 2007
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The string of random expletives uttered when battling a painfully slow internet connection.
"Shit fucking slow fucking hurry the fuck up dumb cunt internet."


"Sorry, just a bad case of intourettes."
by Mausism July 06, 2009
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