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n. the paranoid feeling that you're about to be seriously embarrassed on the Internet (in front of your coworkers, your family, your dog etc) in a worrisome way, e.g. by photos from That Party.

internoiac, adj. one who is regularly consumed by internoid tendencies.
"I couldn't sleep because I know pictures from the party... THAT party... are out there. Somewhere. About to be tagged with my name.

Feverish and sweaty with delusion, I turned on every single privacy setting on my facebook, made all my lj entries private, deleted my myspace, rickrolled all my youtube playlists, replaced all my default jpegs with Opus the Penguin, and shot my computer three times with a .38 caliber police special.

...probably just internoia."
by joseph of windows to sky July 13, 2009
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