A state of mind. To become an internet funnyman, you must first discover your third eye. Can also be achieved via YouTube videos.
"Dude, that guy is definitely an internet funnyman"
by Alpha485 May 27, 2020
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"the licenced internet funnyman"
"and that's showbiz baby" - internet funnyman
by definitely jo malone September 7, 2021
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Bombastic type of attitude and behavior, acting in a dull or dry humorous manner in chat or in game who uses Schrödinger's insults and claims other people are mad when they call them out as being unfunny. Can be easily identified via spamming internet lingo as they feel they can win a virtual shouting match.

Will act like a redditor more often than not.
Person 1: "gngngngn ezezez mad cuz bad salty!!!!"

Person 2: "We have an Internet funnyman in chat I see"
by unabomba April 12, 2021
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