A man whose tremendous wealth, social position, grooming, and worldleness allow him to pursue pleasurable social, cultural, and athletic hobbies or pasttimes, rather than employment.
Bartender: "Hey, seriously, what does Pete Dick do for a living?"
The Cooker: "I really shouldn't say..."
Bartender: "Come on, I won't tell anyone, please?"
The Cooker: "well, he is an international man of leisure."
Bartender: "woa, what is that?"
The Cooker: "well, basically it means he globe trots jacking for beats and each day finds time to Irish himself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
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The grown children of diplomats and airline workers, these men and women enjoy the benefits of zero priced international flights and parental wealth to expand their catalog of adventurous travel tales. These tales are then used to entertain and amaze their dispersed harem of bimbos and university aged friends.
Ex. Being an international man of leisure Norfolk had a full schedule this week. Monkey boxing and karaoke in Tokyo on Monday, dropping acid in the Himalayas on Wednesday, and back in England for high tea with the royal family by Friday.
by thomisme October 18, 2009
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