It is when people take an interest in you and it is not observable.

To have invested time in entertainment.

R KELLY and "ME".

Hey most of the way in our LIFEFthere are INTERESTED PARTIES in us that we are not aware and not only that it can lead to bigger and better things for us but keep in mind so you won't have to FUCK HARDER do try to keep your nose clean.

They are the other day at a THAI RESTAURANT but they did not eat everything as they got a bag for BALLS TWO GO for their FISH BALLS but JACK who got the bag due to INTERESTED PARTIES had already lost his SCROTUM CONTENTS due to some wrong kind of PEEPLE involvement.

I noticed the other day , as this is ANAL ALAN they delisted all my songs on BMI due to INTERESTED PARTIES compared me to R KELLY but others I warn you now can be ME.

Hey if you gotta go it ALONE like you are FALLING IN REVERSE then hey just make yourself INTERESTED PARTIES as make a DUCK IT LIST but if you are lucky you might just have the best friend in the world AN ASSHOLE FRIEND to be included with the INTERESTED PARTIES you throw , yes other CATS too like my pet CESTODA WORM.
by DEFINITION DOMINANT September 14, 2021