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A new breed of thug. The "intellectual" thug if you will. This type of fellow wants to break free from the gangster-shoot em up, fuck this, fuck that, grab some bitches stereotype. He will try to impress you with his knowledge and skills in some area-usually music but sincerely emphasizes that he's not aiming to perpetuate the stereotype. The catch: he will still have the same agenda as said stereotypical thugs-get rich and famous and have the women and glamour and is sneakily trying to draw you in with a "no games, playing it real" philosophy.
You can recognize said "intellectual thug" in the first few moments of a conversation.
Girl walking by "intellectual thug"
IThug: "Excuse me sweetheart but I must be honest you are beautiful"
Girl: "Thanks"-continues walking
IThug: "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude just trying to share some wisdom with you. I'm not all about that typical stuff. I didn't mean to offend you"
Girl: initially surprised by politeness responds "it's fine"
IThug: "Whats your name?"
Girl: "insert name"-surprised by the lack of comments about body-becomes dazed and confused and is caught
IThug: "Well if i could just have a moment of your time, i'd like you to listen to something"- and then will go into either a rant about state of life and how he will change the world or will offer a sample of music, spoken word or some other art form, will acquire phone number and continue to play intellectual until comfort level established and then the sexual innuendos will commence
by Lani November 17, 2005
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