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A combination of the word "in", and "teagued", and not to be confused with "intrigued". Inteagued signifies an arousal of interests to incredible heights. If a person is inteagued, this usually signifies that for the next 20 minutes or so, said person will be fixated on the subject at hand. This being the Internet, that is exactly 19 minutes longer than a person who is intrigued on a subject would give two shits.
Example 1:
Joe: Did you know that all robots go to Robot Hell after they are destroyed?
Robert: Really? I'm inteagued.
19 minutes later...
Joe: Still trying to sacrifice your first born child to Robo-Satan in an attempt to appease the demons of Robot Hell?
Robert: Nah, let's go down to the malt shop.

Example 2:
Anthony: is that a Martha Stewart bed cover? if so i need to get my hands on it
Unicorn: A what?
Anthony: a Martha Stewart bed sheet. duh you dont know who she is do you?
Unicorn: I do now. Sure call it a Martha Stewart bed sheet if you want..
Anthony: O.M.G where did you get it then?
Anthony: im inteagued. lol.
by Unicorney August 23, 2011
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