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"infrasluture", a hybrid of "slut" and "infrastructure" refers to relationships a man, a betch, or an aggressive lesbian maintains in a variety of cities in order to foster gettin some booty. Not every woman in your infrasluture needs to be a sexual interest; it often includes women who help facilitate da booty by introducing you to new girls or who helps you mack at bars. The advent of Facebook has allowed you to further develop your network by observing who else lives in your area.

An infrasluture is a complex relationship network that comprises direct or indirect lines to sexual relations.

The best infraslutures require hard work, dedication, and the desire to GET DAT BOOTY.
"In Dallas, I have 4 girls I can hit up, in Denver, I have 7. My infrasluture is developing quite nice nicely" - Tiger Woods (who did not come up with this word, but goddamn did he inspire it)

"Man, moving to a new city is tough. I haven't hooked up in ages, I'm still developing my infrasluture"
by YA BOY BOOGIE YA DIG November 04, 2013
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