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( a combination of the adj infatuated and the noun fashion):

1) a person infatuated (not romantically, but literally obsessed ) with the latest clothes fashions
2) a person of a given non agricultural or non professional service occupation, (i.e a trade) such as carpentry, who is obsessed with fashioning ( I.e. crafting/creating) things with their hands
An infashionated individual, especially definition 2), is also called an infashionator. However, if you are infashionated, definition 1), you may also be suffering from a sociologically understudied condition called infashionation, which can, if a person also has a tendency to spend money they may not have, evolve into the indiviaul becoming a shopaholic.
by sexydimma June 08, 2016
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Adj: infatuated with fashioned
If you are a guy, you can only be infashionated if the item has a purpose for you other than being clothes.
by sexydimma May 15, 2016
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