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essentially constructed from the co-joining of the outsourcer's mantra "Indian Bums on Seats",

Several thousand unemployed US and British IT workers can testify to its popularity
Harry sits around at home most days now since he was replaced by 3 clueless IndieBums!
by itjock September 07, 2009
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Indie bums are people who base their lives around indie music eg. Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Stone Roses Etc..
You will find that there are often more 'Indie' Boys than girls, this is because indie boys like to hang around town in music shops shouting about who knows more music than the next. Indie bums are like chavs in a way...being that they have their own set of words like amazing, Wicked, Cool Etc. The choice of clothing is tight jeans or "trendy" baggy jeans, Most love to wear jumpers - Stripey if possible. Footwear is mainly converse or some make of trainer that 'no one else has got. And finally the hair...always has to be long and look 'Messy' - Basically how Ian brown has his!
Indie Bum: Ohhh woww that gig was soo amazingg..

Indie Bums Friend: Wooww ino man how cool was it

Indie Bum: it was out of this world his hair was wicked, i im totally inspired.
by Indie_Lover January 18, 2007
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