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A game between men. A feather in your Indian headdress for every women you had booty with.
Ha ha i have more feather in my headdress than you... good luck with your indian game brother.
by Kuehlstein November 01, 2017
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Everyone has a hand signal like waving fingers with thumbs in ears or a shape of a "L" on your forhead. Everyone chants while pounding on the table. "What's the name of the game? "The Indian game." "How do you play the Indian game?" Then you flash your Indian sign then flash someone else Indian sign. Then the person who's sign was broadcasted has to right away flash his/hers sign and signal someone else at the table. If you mess up you are forced to chug a beer. Then restart.
The drinking Indian game is a ton of fun. Have fun.
by Kuehlstein June 11, 2018
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