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when you find something so amazing that you cannot merely use incredible to describe it
avenged sevenfold are totaly incredibilistic. i find you most incredibilistic jake thwaites.
by jake thwaites November 15, 2006
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When a person finds any given circumstance to be so incredible. It sends the individual into a euphoric frenzied celebratory pimp walk that includes using the hands as a pistols, pretend to fire the imaginary pistol (once, no more than twice) and then blowing the smoke off of the end of the gun barrel, Which typically ends the celebration. ** Other versions do include both hands as dual pistols or holstering the weapon.** These variations are not recommended in professional or social circles. **Depending on your region, acceptability of these variations should be limited to one or the other but they are largely frowned upon. ( PLEASE NOTE. Only assholes and douchebags use both variations.
He scored a touchdown, spiked the ball and went incredibilistic all the way back to his team sideline.
by k.licious May 13, 2018
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