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Ghetto way to say "in the house, for sure." Used to emphasize someone's presence.
Jamal: "Oh yeah! Chingy is the greatest rapper ever!"
Jaleel: "Shut yo mouth bitch. 2pac in da heezy fo' sheezy."

Dad: "Hey kids, where's your mother?"
Daughter: "I think she's still at work, Daddy."
Dad: "Oh darn. Well I'm hungry...did you remember to put the pot roast in the oven?"
Son: "Chillz my nigga. Mama in da crib, I just peeped her whip rollin' in 'bout 10 minutes ago. She in da heezy fo' sheezy, and dat shit already be cookin' like a mofo, playa."
Dad: "Alrighty then. Hey, did you finish your science homework?"
Son: "No bitch, dis pimp don't want none of that shit. I'm a' blast gats on yo' ass! Da only science I be droppin' is da phat rhymes I spit on da mike, beeotch!"
Dad: "OK, Barnaby...just make sure you do it before your tennis match at the country club."
by Nick D March 07, 2005
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