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Spanish word for unwise, foolish, or childish. Informally used imply a male is gay. Used to insult a spoiled or ungrateful person with a bold mouth. A gay person could use this word to describe a gay basher. Depending on context, could mean anything from unimportant to perverse behavior. Must be used carefully. I.e. choose your audience wisely.
Boy: *sassily smack talking friends*
Spanish Onlooker:*mumbles under breath*...imprudente...

WhiteGuy:mymoneymycarsmyhousemytrophywifemynuclearfamilymoneycommercemergerbusinessexoticvacationsblahblahblah..its no big deal idec.
ElderlySpanishLady: imprudente
Faggot immature gay unwise foolish unimportant jackass douchebag puneta carajo
by DylanYourBoriquaFriend July 20, 2016
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