to be good at being imperfect , or not perfect
i am an imperfectionist because i mess up all the time and i dont do things the right and perfect way.
by kelseybrooke64 July 24, 2010
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- A person not aiming for the full score in a test, keeping it at a minimalistic style or intentionally not learning for a test to make it harder as it makes them feel inhuman when they score way above the others. An imperfectionist still tries their best at a test, but won't be much happier if the test score turns out perfect. As long as the score's above average it's good.

- A person not using their full potential, because they know they don't have to use it to get through life, and they know they won't become happier through that
Look at Je_Bo_, he's such an imperfectionist haha lol.
He thinks he's something better when he looks like something worse by scoring less points, but he's for sure something special. He might want to hide all his potential. He doesn't want to share it with anyone. There might be some exceptions tho
by Je_Bo_ January 10, 2022
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