Internet meme popular on imageboards. The origin of this meme is actually from the game Starcraft. A screenshot of one game was sent in to SomethingAwful where one noob player said "dude, where are you?" and his Zerg-rushing opponent 1337h4x replied "im in ur base, killing ur d00dz". The humor of this sentence is that the noob had not realized his opponent was inside his base. Since then it has become one of the most popular internet memes and spawned more photos than you can shake a stick at.
im in ur fridge eating your f00dz

im in ur white howz creationizin werdz
by 72973948 April 18, 2007
Internet meme. Protocol is "i'm in ur _____, _____ing ur _____." Started in 2006 on the game Counterstrike, when a player, asked where he was in game, responded "im in ur base killin ur d00dz." The meme gained a life of its own when attached to images of cats doing things. For example, an image of a cat peeking out from under the cushions of a sofa is tagged, "im in ur couch, steelin ur change." A google search for the words "cats" and "im in ur" will lead viewers to a page of such pictures of cats. To qualify as a variant of this meme, the word "your" must be spelled "ur" and other words should be spelled in gamer-speak.
"im in ur sammich, hiding ur meats"
"im in ur fridge, eating ur foodz"
by blahblahginger November 27, 2006
"Im in ur (noun), (verb) ur (noun)" actually started back in the days of Command and Conquer. When playing against other human players, occasionly one player may say to the other "Im in ur base, killing ur doodz" as in meaning "I'm in you're base, killing your units, and you don't know!" It wasn't untill CounterStrike did the 'craze' actually be known.
Im in ur base, killing ur doodz
Im in ur fridge, eating ur foodz
Im in ur p0rn collection, fapping 2 noodz..
by Arcillion Graves October 4, 2007
General expression of contentment and accpetance of self and circumstances
Im ok ur ok we’re ok they’re ok it’s ok I’m not as tall as you but that’s ok I’m not as short as you but that’s ok…
and so on and so forth.
by Hercolena Oliver December 18, 2008