illhueminati is a group of twitter accounts that all share similar yet very different writing styles. Deeply emotional and beautifully written, posts from these accounts are usually forms of poetry. You must be accepted as a member to be affiliated with this group. Most of these accounts have the "crown" in their twitter avatar or a solid color (usually soft or pastel color) "hue" as their avatar, also the hashtag #illhueminati in their bio. The official twitter account of it is @illhueminati, with @santinodela as the founder. Seems like a cult, but some of the most beautiful writing on twitter are written by illhueminati accounts.
"illhueminati is the most bittersweet and beautiful collections of art you could imagine; a way of life"
"hey do you know how I could join the #illhueminati club? I've already changed my avatar to light aqua but they still haven't followed me yet"
by sefdr May 7, 2013
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