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An extroverted introvert. A lazy ass that doesn't care about most things. Living the life as carefree and stress-free as possible. May seem rough and aloof on the surface but has alot of love to give once you get to know. Life mission is to spread as much positivity as possible.
You are a damn lucky piece of fuzzball if you have an Ifah in your life. Keep her close.
If you want to get to know an Ifah, easy, ask questions. Being a lazy ass and an introvert, Ifah is more on the shy side. She will make you talk about yourself instead of sharing things about herself unless asked.
Hint: Ifah loves tako-yaki
Ifah was you boyfriend I'll never let you go.

I have nothing Ifah ain't got you.
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by Sachokkeai April 24, 2018
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