The youngest apprentice of Ansem the Wise in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is the one who "enthusiastically advised" Ansem to create a new laboratory, and the Other of Zexion, meaning he is Zexion before he became a Nobody. Zexion's name is an anagram of Ienzo and the letter x.
I hope that Ienzo will appear in Kingdom Hearts III, at least in a flashback.
by Syretia November 30, 2006
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Originally from Kingdom Hearts and modified by the fanfiction The Violet Room, Ienzo is the act of writing incessantly. Ienzo in the fanfiction writes out the story of Kingdom Hearts on the walls of his room, rarely stopping to sleep.
I'm going to ienzo my essay, it'll be done in no time!
by teh_fangirl December 1, 2010
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Zexion of Organization XIII before he got fucked up by da Heartless and turned into a Nobody.
Ienzo is the youngest of 6 apprentinces under this motherfucker called "Ansem" (Not that Xehanort dick), and studied the workings of the heart or some shit like that.
Anywayz, that's why he done got fucked along with Xehanort (Xemnas), Braig (That old surfer fucker Xigbar), Dilan (Xaldin, that dude with da sideburns.), Even (Vexen, that bisexual scientist bitch.), and Eleaus (Lexaeus, that huge mother fucker with the axe.)
Ienzo, the youngest of 6 apprentinces, got fucked up and turned into Zexion.
by FatBaxtard July 13, 2006
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