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Ida Baker High School (noun)

"Suicide capital of the world", Baker mainly consists of preppy whores, fake rednecks, and suicidal teens. Where the assistant principal is on paid leave for molesting a child. If you are suicidal, this is the place to be! All the attention you've ever wanted you'll get, while the few successful, non-drugaddicted students get no recognition. The boys bathrooms smell like a mix of shit and fruit due to nappy ass guys who shit and vape at the same time. None of our low-paid janitors do anything, nor do they speak english. The parking lot is a clusterfuck of rich kids with nice cars and want-to-be redneck's trucks who are falling apart, or raised 12 and 1/2 feet in the air. The teacher's are illiterate, and care so much about FCAT and EOC's, all you ever learn is what's on a study guide that get's you no where in life. The only perks is our academies, ran by dumbass seniors that think they're cool and teachers who are too excited to get paid minimum wage. If you love to wear camo and throw rifles, our black ROTC instructors would love to have you. And don't worry, if you're in ROTC you somehow are superior to the kids who actually have friends, and you sit outside the lunch room in your uniform with the band nerds and occasionally the special ed. The only good thing to look forward to about Baker is our football team which is mostly made up of scrawny black kids who regularly take HGH and Creatine like it's some kind of drug. Pick Baker.
Teacher: Don't do that
Student: Fuck you *smokes vape*
This must be at ida baker high school
by bakerbulldog69 January 31, 2014
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