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a sexual position, demonstrated in hannah montana's "lets chill."

"Everybody do your dance

Ain't nothing better than an all night jam (Oh! ha)

Are you ready for a little something new tonight (Oh yeah!)

I got a brand new stepping thing you are gonna like

Come on boys"
-refers to a new move created by billy ray cyrus

"Do the ice cream freeze

Strike your pose"

-get into position

"Can you do the milkshake

Shake it shake it down low"
-refers to the male shaking penis over female

"Can you snow cone slide left to right"
-similar to the superman move, yet in a horizontal

Put your hands in the air"
-only for experts

"We could party all night"

"All kind of stepping make you feel good (make you feel real good)"
-it is enjoyable

"Triple step, butterfly, sugar foot (sugar sugar foot)"
-repeat three times, do butterfly move, and finally the male ejaculates on female foot

"But, I'm coming with a new thing.

What you need? (That's right!)

Now everybody want to do the ice cream freeze (Whoohoo)"
-refers to group sexual intercourse
"yo dude i just did the ice cream freeze with miley- she came in tan and left white!"
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