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" I accidently give a fuck" usually caused by receiving some kind of rejection. Due to the high hopes of getting a certain response but their response falls short of expectation you feel slightly offended/rejected for a short duration. Nothing a funny YouTube/comment/food can't fix :)
"Are you free today? "
"Why yes I am!"
"Do you want to study? "
"Umm .... *formulating some kind of excuse ...
"Geeezus if you just want to say no then just say it. "

2min later post on twitter:

Hence the term "crush" #iagaf

(If your usually a carefree person you accidently feel like you got rejected. )
by bbqq22 December 07, 2013
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I.A.G.A.F. ~ I Actually Give A F!@#.

Opposite of IDGAF. Opposing the popular careless statement I Don't Give A F!@$ (which is a dying stupid trend like YOLO)

"Your ass is hang'in out your shorts"
"Well, I'm your best friend so I'm gonna tell you cause IAGAF"
Shawty: Don't throw ya garbage out the window!
Shawty: Well, IAGAF.
by Bonus_Bonasse April 23, 2015
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