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The most wonderful girl you can ever meet. She is caring, loving, smart and beautiful. She is the best friend girl can have. The one that will be there for you all the time. The one who's laugh can make your day, the one who's smile just makes you a little happier. Her eyes are as beautiful as a the ocean. She is great at sports and will try her best to make you happy. Sometimes she may be a little tense and can be very intimidating, but it is only to the ones who don't treat her well. She is a spontaneous, awesome, if slightly moronic, person who is extremely hyper. Very lovable, you can't hate her. Deffinitely very random. Fun person to be around. She is someone you can hold tight and truly care for, because she makes you feel special, because she loves you. But treat her wrong and take advantage of her, and she will be gone....
Man I had Iadranca, but I treated her wrong and she's gone..
by Usjsjxhbabdfhbejskald May 22, 2018
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