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One of the Top 100 Most Subscribed All time Comedians of YouTube.

The iSlusho Channel started in april 2008 and they have grown tremendously since. They are known for Funny Do's and Dont's videos and Random sketches. The cast consists of an all male group from ages 14-21.

The name "iSlusho" Came from" Slusho" a Fictional Japanese drink made by a fictional company called Tagruato. Made by

jj abrams and featured in Cloverfield, Star trek, Heroes, Alias
and more.
Becky:Hey did you see that new video from iSlusho?

Dick:Ugh that channel sucks!

Becky: You are just mad because iSlusho is EPIC.

Dick: Screw you!

Becky: Okay Dick ;) Screw me.
by Damon Delgatto May 26, 2009
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