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1.) A technologically incompetent person who has all of the latest technological gadgets, but has no idea how to operate them (e.g. iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, PDA, computer, GPS, etc.)

2.) A person who has no idea how to operate their iPhone.

3.) An anti-geek.
Example - "A guy at work just bought a MacBook Pro the other day, and asked me to help him install Microsoft Office. He said that every time he ran the setup nothing would happen. That iSchmuck bought the Windows version, and was trying to install it in Mac OS X!"

Example - "Did you hear about the "I Am Rich" app for the iPhone? For almost a $1000, you get a gem that pops up on the screen, declaring "I Am Rich." Only an iSchmuck would buy something like that."
by _DontTazeMeBro_ August 12, 2008
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