1. A purely digital photographic process using Apple's iPhone camera as the primary tool, either as a hobby or simply out of fancy, in capturing and creating photographic images, which may or may not be edited from within the iPhone using built-in third-party applications or on the computer with full-fledged digital imaging software to approximate or appropriate the visual style of lomography or the Polariod, and then shared online via web upload or through email, or even as a printout.

2. The act or practice of snapping quick digital pictures and performing post-processing and sharing from within the mobile phone itself, not only with an iPhone camera, but also with all the other camera hardware and software of all other mobile phones of different makes, brands and models.
1. The art and technology of iPhone photography is iPhoneography.

2. The one who conducts iPhoneography is an iPhoneographer.

3. IPhoneography can be considered the new digital equivalent of lomography and Poloroid photography.
by dominiquejames February 23, 2010
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