A word used in the iPod touch/iPhone hacking community to mean both an iPod touch AND an iPhone, as the two devices are so similar.

As the iPod touch and iPhone both get similar problems, someone writing a turorial may just use the term "iPhod" instead of writing the full "iPod touch/iPhone," if the tutorial will work on both devices.
"To fix this bug, firstly turn your iPhod on..."

by wobgob August 1, 2008
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When someone uses and iPhone as an iPod for the only intent of listening to music. Can both be with AirPods, in the car or other other appliances. It’s a low key flex.
“Yo he wildin’, he’s using the iPhod in the car!”
“Jared low key flexing on us with his iPhod”
by Fo1co September 8, 2020
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