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Apple's new iPhone "update" that merely takes features jailbreakers have had for a long time, such as multitasking and homescreen wallpapers, and makes them legitimate.

Non jailbreaker: "Hey man i just got the new iOS4 update for my iPhone, isnt the multitasking so cool? I love apple!"

Jailbreaker: "Yeaaa, most of us have had that for a long time now. Steve just likes to drag out features so we appreciate them more later"

Non jailbreaker: "Shut up i love apple!.... if i can just figure out how to use this newfangled 'folders' thing"


Steve Jobs:"Alright my software creators, I've come up with a couple great ideas, look at my phone (pulls out jailbroken phone)
by wtfisa_pseudonym_? June 21, 2010
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