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1.The act of being fresh to death,fly as a bird,kool as a fan, or any variation of the three.
2. Entertainment Group from Long Beach, CAlifornia "iLL Since Birth Ent." est. 2007 founded by KL33n KiNg aka DouBLe K.
homie 1. Mayuun ive been ill since birth they cant faze me..
homie 2. yeah dats true..u do stay kool as a fan...
by illsincebirth October 05, 2009
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iLL SiNce BiRth Ent. was founded by a Recording Artist from Long Beach known to many as KL33N KiNg, and to others as DouBLe K. With all this recent talk of how Hip Hop is dead and how the music industry has come to a shortfall to produce any real artists, Double K is the exact anecdote the game needs to be brought back to life. He is not bound to any one form of music but explores and incorporates all genres into his music including: Jazz,Latin,R&B,Soul,Reggae,Rock,Pop,and Hip Hop. He does not get caught up in the hype and conform to what other artists are doing or saying rather he creates his own image and portrays real music to the T. He always speaks from real life experiences and his own impoverished childhood. He has not had a great life thus far; however, his determination, tenacity, will to succeed, and mainly his trust in god has brought him to where he is today. A very prolific artist, already working on his 4th Album and making moves to book shows and gigs anywhere his music will be heard, proves that his whole goal in this business is to bring hip hop back to how it used to be, when artists would gather and β€œRap” just for the hell of it, just for that feeling of adrenaline it gave them to hear the shouts(some good some bad)of their peers. As K put it β€œif you’ve never been criticized negatively,you dont knoe what it is to be a true artist."
ill since birth is not only a music group from the LB they also help craft young aspiring artists to reach theyre full potential, produce beats, produce tracks, create album art, and help master you tracks.
by Hiphop106 December 02, 2009
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