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a new version of Honda's vtec which incorporates a camshaft "phaser" on the intake cam only. This allows the computer (or tuner if k-proed) to advance the intake cam from 0 degrees up to 50 degrees before TDC (BMW's system = 5 degrees). Basically you can achieve optimum valve overlap for any rpm at any MAP sensor value, which significantly reduces emissions, increases gas mileage, and increases torque + power. Under certain circumstances (cold engine, malfunction, etc.) the computer will lock the cam in the 0 degree position.
My i-vtec k20 is more efficient and capable of building more power than your b-series.
by Schmokin Z Reefer May 23, 2008
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Incredibly Virtually Torqueless Economy Car.
Honda's new version of VTEC, even more torqueless.
You 98 Civic VTEC only has 18ft-lbs torque, my 06 Civic i-VTEC has 10 ft-lbs torque!
by AR_HATES_RICERS September 05, 2005
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