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Similar in nature to, and a combination of, the mohawk and fauxhawk, the I-dunno-hawk is a hairstyle donned by indecisive dullards the world around. It consists of a small tuft of hair which is gelled in an upwards fashion and is situated from the frontal to the occipital region of one's head. This protruding portion of hair is slightly longer than the sides of the head which look like a scruffy, grown-out buzz-cut.
Martin: "wow check out the i-dunno-hawk on this guy! did he wuss out when attempting to shave a real mohawk or is he just lazy (high) and let his mohawk grow out?"

Aaron: "yeah, i dunno..yikes - what a ginormous tool."
by Miles of Smiles Giles March 01, 2010
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