This is a phrase used to express one's dislike or displeasure of the snake.

This phrase arose and became popular when J-Hope (BTS) recalled his terrifying encounter with snakes.
J-Hope: i-i-i-i-i I HATE SNAKEU!
by J-Hope's Snakeu January 24, 2018
A world-changing phrase that J-Hope said when he was asked his opinion on snakes.
jin: how was the shoot that we did with the snakes?
j-hope: i...i hate snakeu
by princess jin March 19, 2017
I hate snakeu is the phrase that Jung Hoseok (Also known as J-Hope from BTS) said. When BTS were at the zoo, zookeepers placed a snake on his shoulder's and he didn't like it. Soon, BTS was interviewed by "PopAsian" and the host asked, "What was your experience holding a snake?" He replied with "It was terrible. It was the worst experience in my life. I-I-I Hate snakeu.." And that is how it was known to be a big BTS meme to all armies out in the world.
Friend: Hey, do you like snakes?
Me: NO! I hate snakeus! They scare me so much!
by Jhopeismysoul December 30, 2017