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1. A person who's hyperactive and willing to fuck anything with a pulse.
2. A not-so-famous person (Paris Hilton)who's so desperate for fame they'll sleep with any Hollwood A-List celebrity so that they could be somewhat known.
3. A ho with ADHD.
1. Hey Melanie, I was watching E.T. last night and that crazy ass hyperslut bitch Britney Spears shaved her godamn head!
2. Lindsay Lohan went from a sucessful child star to coke-head hyperslut in 0-60 seconds!
3. Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with his damn seceretery, that male-hyperslut!
4.Teacher: I want you all to meet our new student, Bobby.
Class: Hi, Bobby.
Sasha:Hey, Bobby you wanna go fuck during recess behind the swings?
Bobby: Hell naw bitch, I heard you was a sloppy hyperslut!
by carmelash February 06, 2009
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