Hypercreativity is an extremely high degree of creativity, whether it's experienced in periodic moments or for an extended period of time. It's often accompanied by a lot of energy, passion, and faster than normal thought speed.

All people experience creativity... but not everybody experiences hypercreativity. This is a mind state characterized by abstract thought patterns, rapid cycles of thinking, and a diverse array of ideas that may seem to be random but are often related in a subconscious way.

Hypercreativity occurs naturally in certain people... but just as with any other brain-related disciplines, hypercreativity can be cultivated and practiced. Just about anybody can increase their level of hypercreativity through self-awareness, thought exercises, and the acquisition of knowledge in addition to creative experience.

The challenge for a person experiencing hypercreativity is staying on task, focusing, and the diligence to finish projects when their passions and attentions drift elsewhere. In fact, this is often the biggest difference between individuals for whom hypercreativity occurs naturally and those who develop their hypercreativity.
When Angela saw the inspirational film, her hypercreativity kicked in like a bolt of lighting... she seized her sketchbook and markers and sketched ideas well into the night.
by Mike Roy, Artist February 20, 2017
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Hypercreativity is a very common disorder in young teens and young adults. Late night's in range from 4-9 AM when every single thing you say is funny, even if it makes no sense or the person saying it has to comical ability. Laugh attacks can last anywhere from several minutes to several days, and in some rare cases for a lifetime.
Friend 1 : Dude, Did you even think what would happen if you could make bacon from goats milk?

Friends 2 : ....ROFLROFLOMFGROFLLAWLOMGWTF!? Now thats some good ass Hypercreativity!

Stupid. But as long as the environment is set up right, thats the funniest thing someone could ever say.
by Samuel T McNeil February 7, 2008
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