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Hyper-itis is an extended sleep induced by massive intake of food. It occurs in many mammalian species. However, despite its pervasive occurrence, it is colloquially referred to as "hibernation" to prevent animals from feeling like gluttons (although they are).
Speaker 1: Yo. Where are all the squirrels at?

Speaker 2: Dog, they got that hyper-itis. I know you saw them overdose on nuts a few months ago.

Speaker 1: Dude, I think you are referring to hibernation. That's what you get for going to Devry, fool.

Speaker 2: If they actually taught at that caricature of an institution you attend, you would know that "hibernation" is a euphemism. We don't want to offend the animals for being gluttons (although the are).

Speaker 1: Damn, my bad dog. Thanks for droppin' that knowledge though.

Speaker 2: Anytime, my nigga. Let's go get this money.

Speaker 1: I can fucks with that
by blacksteve27 May 23, 2010
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