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He's sweet,he's gentle,he's so soft and fragile, he's an amazing person, he's so whiny but it makes me happy when he whines around me,he's possessive when it comes to me or Gdragon,he's so tall Idk how it's gonna look if we hugged in the future-I'll be like lower than his shoulder,I'll be buried in his chest. ♡ I love talking to him,it makes me feel calm and safe. I love making love to him,it takes me to heaven. He's so adorable and squishy. His lips is something I wanna eat all day. I crave his warmth and his comforting hugs. He's just all I ever want.

I love taking care of him and I wish I could do it irl also. He loves anime. His hair and skin are ngh. The only fruit he eats raw is banana. His date of birth is August, 26th. If he laughed, my day gets brightened. He's so sensitive. He's a cuddly snuggly kitten. He got phobia of the ocean, the heights and he hates the dark, just like me-. He's a medical student, who's going to be my hot and sexy doctor after graduating. I love him unconditionally, regardless, over limits. I would do anything for him, I would put my life in risk for him if it's needed and I hope he understands that. He smells like lavender. He likes dolphins and hate sharks. He's a cat person and he got plenty of them. He likes staying home, which means if we lived together he will stick by my side WHICH SOUND REALLY AWESOME! He loves chocolate, and pepperoni pizza. He once had a long hair when he was 18. He likes the colours black, purple and navy blue.
Hyoseok is Yuki's HOW DOES THAT SOUND?!

Yuki loves you.
by His. ♡ May 17, 2016
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