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A watersport that involves tethering to oneself a lightweight water craft, such as an inflatable pool toy, to carry goods or equipment while while open-water swimming, generally in a lake or ocean. The water craft is generally towed 5 - 15 feet behind the swimmer using a tow line, rope, or strap that is wrapped around the swimmer's waist. While initially invented to enhance the visibility of open-water swimmers to passing boats, the sport evolved into an adventure activity for hauling gear out to remote shores and island for overnight camping. The ideal tow craft used for HydroTowing is the Explorer 100. Another adequate tow craft for beginners to the sport is the Nimbus lounger.
"You don't need a canoe to get your campaign gear out to Raccoon Island. We will HydroTow."
by nicksmish May 23, 2017
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