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v. hwhacked, hwhack·ing, hwhacks
1. To repetatively stroke with a sharp slapping blow to provoke pleasure; pleasure-orientated activity; self-pleasuring
2. To masturbate strenously.
To bring pleasure to oneself. Hwack-ing off.

1. A sharp, swift slap.
2. The sound made by a masturbator.
Phrasal Verb:
hwhack off: Vulgar Slang
To masturbate.

have/take a hwhack; Informal
out o
f hwhack; tired Informal
hwhacked out Slang
1. Exhausted.
2. Too much self-pleasuring.
1. Billy hwacked off furiously

2. Furiously hwacking off, I was rudely interupted by my mother
by sillybuggers August 28, 2006
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synonyms: whack, smack, hit, beat
I just hwacked my head on the cabinet.

This bird poo came out of no where and hwacked me in the head.
by wraith August 27, 2004
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